What's Going on This Weekend?

I hate having that "I don't know. What do you want to do" conversation every weekend. Here's some interesting events you can partake this weekend. You know want to. Make some memories:

Born and Brewed: Here's a good way to gain some local beer knowledge to impress the ladies and/or fellas. Some of the featured breweries are: Dragoon, Barrio, Nimbus, Borderlands, Thunder Canyon, 1702, Ten 55 and Sentinel Peak, along with some special guest breweries.


Free Drumming and Dancing for Kids: It's hard to find activities that children and parents can both enjoy. Children Carrying Sound gives FREE drumming and dancing lessons every Saturday at the John Valenzuela Youth Center, 1550 S. Sixth Ave. Here's a preview of what kids learn and perform:

Standup to Violence: Vanessa Hollingshead is headling the third annual Stand Up to Stop Violence benefit for Emerge! at the Fox on Sunday. Lot of local favorites and some national acts in the lineup:


Comedian Suzie Sexton is bringing the show to the Fox Theatre for one stellar night of comedy. Suzie and friends David Fitzsimmons, (voted “Best Entertainer”, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine), Gary Hood (a comedy legend who has appeared at LAFFS Comedy Caffe, on Showtime and Comedy Central), Dina Kucera (comedienne and author of the bestseller Everything I Never Wanted to Be), Butch Lord (a 20-year veteran of standup whose “edgy look is softened by his carefree and light hearted view of himself and the world around him”), Elliot Glicksman (who has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Phyllis Diller and Ricky Nelson), and Suzie Sexton (she has been called Tucson’s own version of Joan Rivers).

Be an extra in a music video: Penn "That Penn Thing" Weickhardt is filming a music video and needs your help. Penn is looking for young people in the age range of 18 through 25. The shoot starts at 5 p.m. Sunday at the Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort. Email him at penn@thatpennthing.com for visit his Facebook for more information.

KFMA Fall Ball: It's that annual music festival that gets on you the side of town you never visit unless you're going to the emergency room. Tickets are $39+ services fee. Gates open at noon and here's the lineup and schedule:

1:15 Stars In Stereo
2:05 American Fangs
3:00 Asking Alexandria
4:05 Pierce The Veil
5:20 P.O.D.
6:35 A Day To Remember
8:05 KoRn

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