A Nice, Blunt Take On The Ongoing Pac-12/DirecTV Kerfuffle

I am a DISH Network subscriber, have been for more than three years now. And while it's not the greatest provider in the world, it gets the job done. Besides, I also get to yell HOPPAH! all around the house as I bask in the ability to record six shows at once and watch them in whatever room I choose.

I probably would not be a DISH subscriber, though, if it hadn't picked up the Pac-12 Network last year. Though the channel as a whole is pretty lame, it's what is necessary to watch whatever Arizona football and basketball games don't get picked up by the other channels. And that's important to me, both as a sports fan and as someone who gets paid to bitch about watch sports.

The Pac-12 Network is available on Cox and Comcast, too, so all of you Tucson-area non-satellite people (you know, the old schoolers) are also in luck.

Sucks to be y'all, DirecTV patrons.

The college football season officially begins tonight, with games on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, CBS Sports Network and the fledgling Fox Sports 1 (the channel formerly known as, but never watched as, Speed). So, Pac-12 fans, you're in luck, for at least one night.

But you don't get the Arizona-Northern Arizona game on Friday, nor do you get games involving UCLA or Oregon State (sorry Dan Gibson) on Saturday. And next week you'll miss out on six of the nine games involving Pac-12 schools.

So, why the heck haven't you switched over, like a lot of people (at least according to retweets from Pac-12 people and Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne would indicate) have already done?

Both the Pac-12 and DirecTV have said it's the other one that is at fault for why there's still no deal (and likely won't ever be a deal) between the entities. I say bullsh*t, which is the same thing that is said in a much more polished, but just as blunt take on the issue that Awful Announcing put together this week.

You can read that piece over and over, DirecTV subscribers. Meanwhile, I'll be running around my house, yelling HOPPAH! as I watch any and every game involving the Pac-12.