If You Love Tribute Bands, the Next Two Nights Are For You

I have a weird fascination with tribute bands...I used to see the Atomic Punks semi-regularly when I lived in LA, I make an effort to see Purple Reign when I'm in Las Vegas, and I've spent actual time plotting how to start a Totally Sincere Tribute to 90's Adult Alternative Radio. It's probably not a healthy thing.

However, if you're like me and believe that "close enough" is sometimes better than the real thing, the next two nights in concerts were nearly custom made for your interests.

Tonight, the Iron Maidens (above), who are advertised as the only all female Iron Maiden tribute band, are playing Casino Del Sol. They're playing in the Paradiso Lounge, which isn't so much a lounge, but a stage adjacent to a bunch of slot machines, but the show's free, so there you go.

Tomorrow night, the Rialto is going all-in on tribute bands with five acts playing for $8 starting at 7. My personal preferences mean that the idea of Grateful Dead (Top Dead Center) and Doors (Strange Days) tribute bands are not terribly appealing, but hey, maybe you're not into Journey (Evolution) or The Ramones (The Ramonz, which feels a little lazy name-wise). I'm most interested in Heart to Heart, which is not a celebration of the theme to Hart to Hart as you might believe, but a tribute to the Wilson sisters and Heart. Hear their take on "Barracuda," although I really would like to hear them do "Alone," but what do I know?