You Should Go Win Casino del Sol's Poker Super Jackpot

Jackpots and other such promos aren't what draws me to a poker table, but I understand the allure of a shot at free money. And if that is you're cup of tea, you might want to get down to Casino del Sol before the end of Wednesday.

Nearly $50,000 is up for grabs in the Casino del Sol poker room's Super Jackpot promotion, which comes to end at midnight July 31. If you happen to get four of a kind or better in a hand, and still lose, you, the person who beat you, the rest of the table — heck, everyone seated in a game — will split the Super Jackpot that is over $49,000 and has been building since April.

If it doesn't hit by the end of July, at least some of the funds collected for that promotion will get funneled into the regular bad beat jackpot, which itself stands at more than $30,000. That jackpot triggers if someone has their full house of aces full of jacks beaten by a four of a kind or better.

Poker room director Rick Chaurette said the Super Jackpot was always intended as a temporary promotion, meant to draw in traffic during the slow summer months. If it hasn't hit by the end of July between $15,000 and $20,000 of it will get added to the regular jackpot, but not until after it's hit at its current payout.

Chaurette said the Super Jackpot hasn't provided as much of a spark as expected, and certainly not as much as the Progressive High Hand promo that began July 1 and will continue. That offer, which awards between $50 and $500 to the first person during a given 8-hour time frame to hit a qualiyfing hand. If no one gets, for instance, a 10- thru king-high straight flush during a time period, another $50 gets added to that category for the next day's corresponding time.

"It's been fun," Chaurette said of the high hand promo. "People have enjoyed it."

While action in Del Sol's room has been down this year from 2012, when the buzz surrounding the recently opened hotel was still driving traffic, Chaurette said the poker room has remained up overall every year since 2008.