Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Walked Around San Diego Comic-Con in As Walter White

The astoundingly revered Breaking Bad is wrapping up soon, and fans are desperately awaiting the second half of the final season to roll through, after which they can debate whether or not Breaking Bad is better than The Wire, or whatever TV fans debate these days.

So, what better way was there for Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston to experience San Diego Comic-Con than wearing a life-like rubber mask that replicated the look of his character, Walter White?

The answer: none better. There was none better ways.

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Cranston at the San Diego Comic-Con Breaking Bad panel.
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  • Cranston at the San Diego Comic-Con Breaking Bad panel.

[Cranston] was wearing an incredibly realistic Walter White mask. Underneath, he’s grown his hair back out and looks more like Hal or Tim Whatley. He walked the floor in the mask, tried to use a higher voice to pretend like he was a fan who made the mask. “So it was fun meeting you, and you met me.”

People really, really did.

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