Large, Strong Unemployed Men of Tucson, We've Found Work For You

Strongmen of Tucson, we all know it can be hard out there for large, powerfully-built individuals to find work that involves picking heavy things up and putting them down.

But we've got a solution for you, friends -- and as always, Craigslist has saved the day, giving you the opportunity to toss a grown man around like a rag doll and get paid for it:

Are you Big, tall and incredibly powerfully strong? 500 cash for one day spent with me(or 100 cash and hour)

You must be 6ft2 or taller(the taller the better)

250lbs or heavier(not looking for perfection, just a powerfully solid strong individual)

Are you an open minded cool man? If so, this could be for you

I pay unusually powerfully strong men to lift and carry me in various ways

I'm 5ft8 205lbs of solid muscle, former powerlifter, mature man 51 yrs, well off and I PAY for Physical strength.

There would be nothing illegal, unethical, or sexual going on whatsoever

I simply love feeling muscled/physical strength lift and carry me in various ways.

The taller and bigger you are, the more interested Ill be in paying you.

If your a weightlifter, powerlifter, worlds strongest man type, or just plain ole naturally strong as an ox, please reply.

I've been doing this for years and have many men that I pay to do this for me...and all are Straight guys....once you meet me in person, you will have no doubt that this is sincere.

I know this is odd, but it's an EASY way for a strong man to make xtra cash

send a pic of yourself, include your height weight, a short description of your Physical strength ability. Include your email address and contact number, best time to reach you.

I'll pay bonus cash besides the 500 depending on how strong you are..Ill go more into detail about that once we talk.

This is not a job, just a way to make xtra big time cash for being strong

Could lead to steady big time paying cash work for the right individual

You will not be considered without the info I asked for or a current pic of yourself only.

Listen, you're into what you're into, and God bless this man for figuring out what he loves in life.

As far as I can tell, the position is still open on Facebook, so drop him a line -- so long as you promise not to drop him, I guess.

[h/t: Reddit Tucson]