A Vet Shows You Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Dogs (Or Anything Else) Sitting in a Parked Car

As anyone who has the ability to discern between hot and cold can tell you, it's hot out there. Ridiculously hot. Almost like the sun is bearing down on you, asking you for change. It's that hot and uncomfortable.

With that in mind, there's absolutely no good damn reason for you to leave anyone or anything you love or care about in the car — not even for few minutes — and Dr. Ernie Ward will show you why by sitting in a car for 30 minutes, windows cracked, with no air conditioning.

The CliffsNotes version: It gets f—king hot. The temperature outside the car was a fairly warm 95 degrees at the outset. Within half an hour, the temp jumped up to 117 in the car.

Don't leave your kids, pets, or anything that you even remotely give a damn about in the car.