James T. Harris's Hate-Boner For Us Is Getting Kinda Weird

A few weeks ago, we made mention of the small spat between Weekly boss Dan Gibson and James T. Harris, who appears to have stumbled into an unlocked radio booth at 104.1 The Truth.

In that, we mentioned that Harris has repeatedly turned down opportunities to work out his differences with Gibson, saying that he's "past it," or something.

But the thing is, he doesn't seem to be "past" anything, between raising a fuss about a mention of him in the latest edition of "The Skinny," and sending tweets out about the Weekly and Gibson during his downtime from making Facebook posts about the kinds of images that conservative grandparents forward around.

Looking past the fact he actually can't correctly spell the name of the disgraced celebrity he references (it's "Deen," as anyone who saw anything news related over the weekend could tell you), Harris seems to have a weird hate-boner for Tucson Weekly — whether it's because The Beautiful Man thinks that Dan is, well, a beautiful man, or because he wants to create some sort of controversy to stir up readership and an audience to improve his listenership, whatever. It's his thing. Not sure why he doesn't have anything better to do at 7:30 on a Saturday night, but who are we to judge?

Still, it still strikes us as curious that he's coming after Gibson, Nintzel and the Weekly as a whole without even the professional courtesy to stop using worn-out movie references (red pills, harry and lloyd, ben stiller lol, etc.) and jokes that discerning fifth graders would call lame.

We get it, James. Like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, you will not be ignored (see, we can do it too!), but the flip side to it is that, if you're feeling froggy, you should probably jump — though probably not in the same way that you jumped from your CNN interview back in 2008: