Ladies, A Video Game Featuring A Cartoon Vulva Wants To Help You Masturbate Better

Women, do you just not feel that special spark when you're by yourself, trying to experience spending time with, uh, "yourself"?

Well, believe it or not, there's an app for that. Or at least, it's coming.

HappyPlayTime is an app that's designed to help women experience the joys of self-love with the help of an electronic aid that you probably won't have to hide in a nightstand!

From the HappyPlayTime mission statement:

Sexuality is one of the most basic instincts of human beings. Being comfortable with your own sexual pleasure is a prerequisite to both being able to healthily accept pleasure from others, and pleasing others. How can you exchange pleasure with someone else if you don't understand what your own body likes? That's why masturbation, and learning how to masturbate is such a fundamental life lesson.

Unfortunately for many women, there has been a cultural stigma that blocks access to self-stimulation. HAPPYPLAYTIME is here to eliminate this barrier as much as possible. By talking openly and lightheartedly about female masturbation, we are taking the first step to becoming truly sexually liberated.

And the first step, apparently, includes a cartoon vulva named Happy, showing you how to touch yourself properly.

Choice quotes: You make me moist! and Oh my, Im getting all hot and bothered.
  • Choice quotes: "You make me moist!" and "Oh my, I'm getting all hot and bothered."

The game is still currently in development (it's in its alpha build right now), but if you feel like giving it a quick run-through, head to to sign up to help test the game.

[h/t: Kotaku and Gamification]