The Latest Buzz: Mosquitoes, And How You Can Prevent Becoming Lunch

With summer and monsoon season fast-approaching, the familiar buzzing of pesky mosquitoes will only get louder...and if you're like me, you've already been dealing with annoying bites for the last month.

What's even worse than waking up with chomped-on toes and itchy ankles — especially when someone in the same household as you never gets bitten.


So why do mosquitoes love munching on some people more than others?

Studies have shown that it is not our smell or sweetness that attract the little critters, but certain characteristics such as blood type, chemical markers emitted from our skin, pregnancy, alcohol and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from your breath.

According to one study, people with Blood Type O are significantly more likely to be bitten.

Alcohol can also play a major role according to this study, which says that mosquitoes are significantly more likely to bite those who have ingested alcohol compared with those who have not — and those are just a few examples.

Not only are mosquito bites downright nasty, they're a big health concern. The more bites a person receives, the more likely they will contract a mosquito-borne illness, in which case it is crucial to exercise proper precaution and care — including using the right bug spray and mosquito-proofing your yard.