Police Dispatch



APRIL 7, 1:14 P.M.

A woman rumored to be a sorceress was accused of numerous nocturnal pranks affecting her neighbor's plants, property and peace of mind—and even the ability of the neighbor's dog to pee in privacy—according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The neighbor told deputies she'd been on bad terms with the woman since the woman moved into the area years ago and snubbed the neighbor when she tried to welcome her.

Since then, the neighbor said, the woman had acted oddly, and she believed the woman was behind various, disturbing pranks. Another neighborhood resident, she said, claimed that the woman was a witch.

On one occasion, the neighbor was visited by deputies responding to a complaint about loud music coming from her house when there had been none.

Another time, the neighbor awoke to find her swimming pool filled with soap bubbles. The neighbor also claimed she once found a pile of dirt on the driver's seat of a car on her property.

And the neighbor said that whenever she brought her dog into her backyard at night to do its business, the woman would repeatedly flip her back-porch light on and off until the dog went inside.

The neighbor told deputies that undercover law-enforcement officers had once come to her home and asked if she had ever seen the woman burning things in a nearby wash. The neighbor said she had not, but added that she and her husband had once smelled "a very strange odor" as smoke wafted from the woman's chimney.

The neighbor also showed deputies some bushes beneath her front window that she said had been mysteriously coated with lacquer the night before. She pointed to some withered ivy, which she said had begun to die from lack of oxygen. Previously, her lime tree had shriveled and died, which the neighbor also attributed to the woman.

The neighbor declined to press charges against the woman, saying she preferred to wait for more conclusive evidence of the woman's alleged crimes.