Police Dispatch


APRIL 9, 9:02 A.M.


Deputies were sent to the principal's office after a father acted childlike about his child's tardiness, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies were called to Quail Run Elementary School, 4600 W. Cortaro Farms Road, where the principal told them a father had behaved badly after bringing his daughter to school just after the tardy bell rang.

The principal told the father that it would be mentioned in the child's file, and that there were no other consequences. But according to the report, the father stormed into the attendance office and yelled "practically at the top of his lungs" at the clerk, saying "You're not going to give her a tardy slip. ... I will disenroll her. This is fucking ridiculous. "

He then tore up the tardy slip and told the clerk that "the school sucked" and "this was fucking bullshit." The attendance clerk said she then approached the daughter, who was standing nearby, and said, "It's OK. I'm sorry your dad is embarrassing you."

At that point, according to the clerk, the father yelled "Don't talk to my child. I will punch you!" and thrust a finger in her face.

The clerk said she felt threatened, and deputies were called.

The father left the scene before the deputies arrived and they were unable to reach him by phone. However, the clerk later reported that the father returned that afternoon and was extremely apologetic, saying he had been dealing with other "issues." The clerk told deputies he seemed truly remorseful and that she didn't want him to face charges for his earlier behavior.



MARCH 30, 12:40 A.M.

A University of Arizona student suspected of being intoxicated confused Arizona with Florida when telling officers his hometown, a UA Police Department report stated.

Two UA officers on patrol spotted a young man who appeared to be drunk sitting on the ground next to a parking lot. The man, whose speech was slurred, told them he was waiting for some friends from whom he had become separated.

While the officers spoke with him, two other young men who presumably were the friends the man was waiting for approached the patrol car. But when officers asked the pair if they knew the first man, one of them said, "Fuck no, I don't know that guy." The speaker also seemed to be drunk, and when officers asked him for his hometown, he blurted out "Tallahassee, Arizona."

The speaker, who denied consuming alcohol, was arrested on suspicion of underage drinking. After he was handcuffed and placed inside the patrol car, he began kicking at the car's windows.

His associates were also cited, but on less severe charges.