Editor's Note

Concert Notes

I'm not sure why I didn't mention this last week, but thanks to all of you who came out to Exile on Congress Street on April 20. That event was a bit of an experiment, considering streetcar construction has made closing streets downtown somewhat impossible, but I was impressed by the turnout for Poliça, Dinosaur Jr, the Silent Disco and various other bands and DJs. We're exploring the best way to put on great music events, whether that's Club Crawl or something else, this fall and into the future, so seeing people out there for something newish like Exile was encouraging.

If you were kicking yourself for missing the show by last week's cover subject Os Mutantes on Tuesday, there's somewhat good news. The band ended up stuck in Texas (car trouble), so the show will be rescheduled, possibly for May 12 or at some point afterward. I was somewhat convinced that profiling the act on our cover would lead to the show's cancellation (sorry), but at least they're planning on returning, right? We'll post information on The Range and We Got Cactus when we hear something.

In case he happens to pick up a copy of the Weekly while he's in town for KFMA Day (previewed in Soundbites, page 43), I'd like to personally welcome Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Killers to Tucson. I have (what is probably) a strange habit of referring to Mr. Flowers as my spirit animal (a magical singing unicorn, perhaps), so I'm particularly excited for the show this Saturday at Kino Stadium. I wasn't actually a big fan of the Killers at first ("Somebody Told Me" and "Mr. Brightside" did nothing for me strangely), but somewhere following the release of "All These Things That I've Done," I was a fan. By the time the group released the ambitious Day & Age, I was sold, probably assigning far too much meaning to Flowers' lyrics. Sure, "Are we human or are we dancer?" seems like nonsense, but I'm pretty sure that line speaks to my soul, like the secret language of the angels. So, Brandon ... I mean, Mr. Flowers ... if you want to hang out and talk about New Order singles and/or the proper use of feathers in stage costuming, I'm totally available.

Totally unrelated to anything above, we have a new shortrun comic starting this week (page 53) by Eric Esquivel and Hannah Nance Partlow called "Smell Ya Later" looking back on Eric's time here in town before he leaves for the big city. Check it out.