Is 47 Scott's Stack of Grilled Cheese the Best Cheese Sandwich in the U.S.?

We gave a nod to Esquire's coverage of 47 Scott's Stack of Grilled Cheese, as part of their month honoring sandwiches made of cheese-filled sandwiches that have been warmed on a grill, but we neglected to inform you that 47 Scott is among the contestants to earn the title of America's Most Life-Changing Grilled Cheese, or something like that.

I mean, that's a fairly ridiculous, arbitrary title, but the important part is that a damn good local joint gets some national recognition, and we're all about that over here.

So head to Esquire's Eat Like A Man blog and vote — and if you feel so inclined, make sure to tweet something mentioning how awesome 47 Scott's Stack of Grilled Cheese is, using the hashtag #MostLifeChangingGrilledChz (because hashtags are still cool, right?).