'Independence Day' Has Two Sequels On the Way

If by the end of 2013 you still can’t get enough of watching humanity meet its untimely end for the price of an admission ticket, first, you really need to kick that morbid habit, and second, you can rejoice in the fact that Independence Day director Roland Emmerich has announced not one, but two follow-ups to his 1996 blockbuster.

To refresh your memory, Independence Day ended with an oh-so-patriotic victory over a hostile alien race, but not before they burned every major city on Earth to the ground and did some other unnecessary, totally un-American things, like shoot strippers with ray beams and try to kill Will Smith.

The sequels, ID Forever Part 1 and ID Forever Part 2 - passing on the clearly superior title Independence Day: Forever Ever (Forever Ever?!) - pick up 20 years after the first film, when alien reinforcements respond to a distress call conveniently sent by the first wave of attackers before they were exterminated.

Emmerich spared a few plot details to Entertainment Weekly: