SB1432: Spawn of Satan, er, Center for Arizona Policy

In minutes, the House Committee on Appropriations is expected to may way for SB1432, that sneaky little amendment that's going to mandate what bathrooms we can used based on our birth certificate.

Here's the press released issued by Wingspan late yesterday, followed after the jump with a letter from James Scott P. Pignatella, who gave us his OK to share it on the Range.

Say “No” to Arizona Legislation SB1432:

The freedom to access public spaces without fear of persecution is a fundamental human right. If
approved, this legislation would deny safety to countless Arizonans and disproportionately
expose transgender and gender diverse people to harassment and discrimination.
—Casey Chimneystar Condit, Programs Manager, Wingspan

Tucson, AZ March 19, 2013, Wingspan, Southern Arizona’s LGBT Community Center, takes a
stand in opposition to SB1432, a State Bill that would mandate Arizonan’s to use only the public
facilities (including bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms) that match their birth

What’s happened?
The Center for Arizona Policy has filed a use of public facilities (including restrooms, dressing
rooms and locker rooms) bill in the state legislature that is an assault on the transgender and
gender non-conforming population of this state.