Editor's Note

Tell Us Where To Go

If you follow us on Facebook and the social media site/curse on humanity has been kind enough to actually show you our posts lately, you might have noticed that we've been asking questions each Saturday. What's Tucson's best hamburger? Where should we go for breakfast this weekend?

We've been doing this for a few reasons. One, we're just curious what you all enjoy eating. Two, we're trying to make our social media channels more of a two-way communication street. But, thirdly, we're working on a big project for a forthcoming issue and we could use your input.

Next month, we're running a feature story listing the 100 essential Tucson dishes. Obviously, we have Best of Tucson® every year, which covers a little of that ground, but we're trying to put together a definitive list of what makes up Tucson food culture (and if you just said to yourself, "what culture?," feel free to keep that erroneous opinion to yourself). If you're a veteran Tucsonan or just someone visiting town for the first time, we want to give you a list of the truly important items to eat around here ... the sort of stuff you have to try at least once.

While we have done a lot of eating within our metro area, we also don't want to miss anything. Maybe there's a taco shop somewhere we skipped over, maybe there's an appetizer on a sit-down place's menu that we haven't gotten around to trying. You never know, so why not do a little crowd-sourcing?

So, keep an eye out for our Saturday queries, but if you'd like a more official opportunity to chime in, I'll put up a blog post on The Range on Thursday that you can leave a comment on letting us know what dish you insist everyone try. I'm looking forward to what our knowledgable audience comes up with. Partially, so we can make the best list possible, but just as much so I can have some new food experiences based on your recommendations.

Thanks in advance, and look for our 100 Essential Dishes issue on March 28.