The Harlem Shake Is Over

Los Angeles Times recently published an article titled "Eight things killing the Harlem Shake" which shows specific videos that are making the meme played out already.

The LA Times explains:

The Harlem Shake burst onto the scene last week, but already the poor meme is showing signs of looming death.

We're not saying the Harlem Shake will surely die, but unless some things change, it'll soon fall out of public favor. Here are eight reasons:

8. Sports teams are doing it.
7. They've become too extravagant.
6. Grandparents are doing it.
5. Even people in the videos don't even care anymore.
4. Don't go all film school (referring to UCLA's Harlem Shake).
3. Even Midwestern ad agencies are doing it.
2. It's not funny anymore.
1. The "Today" show has done it.

The article makes a good point about the trending videos. They're really being overdone. The worst two in the LA Times' list are the Florida Gators one, where the mascot starts with a awful, disturbing pelvic thrust that I thought would never end, and The Today Show's version of the Harlem Shake, where they wear Valentine's Day themed shirts and dance with hearts and throw roses up in the air. If it wasn't dying out before, it definitely is after that video!

I think my co-worker said it best a couple days ago when he asked, "Do you guys know what the Harlem Shake is? All I'm seeing are videos of one person dancing, then a bunch of people dancing. I don't get it."

That's exactly it! It really is that simple. Which is probably why so many people followed the trend, but also why it's dying out so soon. It's not a real dance, there is no point to it. And, just like when a radio station plays the same song over and over, or different radio stations play the same song too often, it's getting old!

While the UA's Harlem Shake around Brother Jed may have still been timely and fun, Wilbur and Wilma plan to lead the Harlem Shake at tonight's halftime show, joining the many who are killing the already overrated meme.