UNIDOS on Future of MAS: 'We Demand That the District Rescind the Hicks Resolution'

Representatives of UNIDOS, the student-led group organized in support of Tucson Unified School District's dismantled Mexican-American Studies program, recently met with three TUSD school board members identified as MAS supporters: Kristel Foster, Cam Juarez and Adelita Grijalva to discuss Judge David S. Bury's deseg decision.

This statement was read at the TUSD school board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 12:

First I would like to thank board members Adelita, Kristel and Cammy for meeting with us in a timely manner. We are grateful for the opportunity we had to speak with you three and we gained a lot of insight from each of the meetings.

There is much optimism in our community surrounding the Unitary Status Plan, the new members on the board and Judge Bury’s latest ruling. But in light of Pedicone’s statement that the new Culturally Relevant Curriculum courses will be nothing like the old MAS—UNIDOS recognizes that the TUSD administration has no intent of bringing back MAS as the successful program and department that it used to be. The board must not stand by and allow this to happen like your predecessors on the board did in 1983 with the Superintendent's administrative termination and book-banning of Middle East Studies.