UPDATE: Border Patrol Arrests Tucson Activist Raul Ochoa

The Range just learned that Tucson immigrant rights activist Raul Ochoa was taken into custody today by five U.S. Border Patrol and three Tucson Police Department officers. Ochoa's friends and fellow activists are urging supporters to call Border Patrol at 514-4700 to demand his release. The Range has calls to Border Patrol and TPD to get more information on why Ochoa was arrested and will post updates.

UPDATE: The Range talked to a public information officer with U.S. Border Patrol. A statement will be released as soon as it is approved. Immigrant rights organization Corazon de Tucson is also expected to release a statement soon, too.

Ochoa was reportedly arrested after trying to intervene on behalf of a father of five who was stopped by TPD. Although TPD has said in the past that it doesn't call and will not Border Patrol, it in fact called Border Patrol. A march is being planned downtown tomorrow at 4 p.m. More details soon.

UPDATE: The Range just talked to Pastor Allison Harrington of the Southside Presbyterian Church who provided some information on why Ochoa was arrested today. Ochoa is a coordinator at the Southside Worker Center located at the church.

The incident occurred near Ninth Avenue and 23rd Street. As we reported earlier, Ochoa was trying to intervene on behalf of a father of five who was stopped by TPD and Border Patrol was called to the scene.

Reportedly Ochoa laid under a Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol responded by pepper spraying Ochoa before he was taken into custody. Currently, attorney Isabel Garcia is still trying to locate Ochoa.

The march downtown tomorrow was confirmed. It will take place at 4 p.m. in front of Tucson Police Department headquarters at 270 S Stone Ave. There will also be a press conference.

FINAL UPDATE FOR THE NIGHT: The Range received the statement and press release from Corazon de Tucson, which you can read after the jump. We will continue to follow this story tomorrow and provide updates when we receive more information. Border Patrol has yet to release a statement on Ochoa's arrest.