(NSFW) 150 Shades of Shame: The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

As those of you who have been following 150 Shades of Shame, our erotic fiction contest, may have noticed, we announced the winners and a selection of honorable mentions this week.

So firstly, let's congratulate First Place winner Saba Bennett ("The Tiki Tryst") and Second Place winners Lucy Lucious ("New Floor") and Monica Friedman ("150 Prosthetics of Every Conceivable Color) for their spectacular entries.

Secondly...man, how about some of those honorable mentions? I mean, it was interesting to learn that our readers not only image we have incredibly interesting sex lives at the Weekly (Katherine Elizabeth Standefer's "2", to which I still must ask, what's with the sparklers?) but that we occasionally get down at the office (Narda Rivera's "Police Dispatch") — plus, there was anthropomorphic plant sex (Tommie Johnson's "Plant Man"), which is always interesting. Depressing in a way, considering our personals haven't had anything that unique in quite some time (damn you, Craigslist!), but still interesting.

But to completely ignore the many, many submissions we had that didn't make the cut would be a disservice to the folks who worked so hard to rub their smut all over the keyboard. So, let's take a look at the folks who missed the cut — and for some, they were truly juuuust off the mark. Each story is presented in its original, unedited form, aside from the occasional title I've hung around their necks.

Oh, and these are all seriously, seriously NSFW. Read in public at your own risk.