Screw The Roses, Chocolate and (Fleeting) Chance at Sex: It's Time to Celebrate WSOP Day

It was already lining up to be a quite unproductive workday for yours truly, what with the after-effects of attending the Die Hard marathon — Lord help you if you pay money solely to see the fifth installment — still rattling my psyche.

Then the World Series of Poker announced the 2013 series schedule, and any chance of workflow was lost. Thank you, WSOP.

The 44th World Series, held again at the Rio in Las Vegas, will run from May 29 to July 15, with 62 fancy-schmancy gold bracelets and millions of dollars up for grabs over the seven weeks of play. Buy-ins for the open bracelet events range from $1,000 to $111,111 and the first $1K event is guaranteeing $1 million to the winner.

The Main Event, with its standard $10,000 buy-in and no-limit hold'em format, starts July 6 and will stop July 15 when nine players remain. Those final tablists, known as the November Nine, will return later to play for super big money. Last year's champion, Greg Merson, won more than $8 million for taking the Main Event title.

There will also be countless cash games and side events, including an awesome $235 buy-in tourney each day at the Rio that yours truly final tabled two years ago and plans to do at least twice more this summer.

Expect a horde of local players to make pilgrimages of varying length to the WSOP, whether it be for a one-and-done weekend warrior-type trip or for an extended stay in hopes of hitting it big, like Tucsonan Sean Getzwiller did in 2011 when he won more than $600K for taking down a $1,000 no-limit hold'em bracelet event.