Bikers Want New Law To Prevent Them From Being Hassled By The Man

Arizona-Sonora News Service Legislative Reporter Bethany Barnes sends us the following dispatch from yesterday's Senate Public Safety Committee hearing:


Arizona may have the best weather for motorcyclists, but it doesn’t matter if you can ride year-round when you keep getting hassled by The Man.

Rollin Knights Motorcycle Club member Billy “Rooster” Lockedy, 35, is hoping the passing of SB 1086 out of the Senate Public Safety Committee will make the weather a little easier to enjoy.

Bikers from all over the state swarmed the Capitol for the hearing of a bill that would require police to be trained to not profile motorcyclists.

The hearing room was so packed people trickled out into the hallway.

Testimony was limited because of the number of people wanting to speak. Those who did shouted (the microphones were broken, to the audience’s chagrin) stories about hour-long traffic stops, being held at gunpoint with no idea why, and watching a drug-sniffing dog bite a fellow rider.

On the opposing side was Lyle Mann, executive director of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.