Increasingly, UA and ASU Co-Eds Have Been Living the Sweet, Sugar Baby Life

Well, we could be getting closer to rescinding our affectionate name, Girls Gone Wild University and Casino, er, ASU. We received a press release from a company that creates a very special kind of love connection. Some might call this kind of hook-up prostitution, but the folks from, call it a special arrangement. It's a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby kind of arrangement.

According to a press release from these fine folks, the top 20 fastest growing Sugar Baby schools of 2012 includes GGWUC and yes, the UA. Do we blame our long-time party school reputation? No, said it could be the economy and student debt:

According to’s annual list of the “Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools”, a rising number of female students from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona are turning to the “Sugar Baby Lifestyle” to fund their education.

From Arizona State University (Tempe), received 204 new Sugar Baby sign-ups giving it a 240% increase overall membership from the university. This moved Arizona State to the 6th Fastest Growing Sugar Baby School from a number 8 spot in the previous year. While neighboring University of Arizona had a 171.15% increase in 2012.

Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, determined by number of new sign-ups in 2012 (emphasis ours):
1. Georgia State University - 292 (#11 in 2011) 2. New York University - 285 (#1 in 2011) 3. Temple University - 268 (#5 in 2011) 4. University of Central Florida - 221 (#14 in 2011) 5. University of Southern Florida - 212 (#7 in 2011) 6. Arizona State University - 204 (#8 in 2011) 7. Florida International University - 187 8. University of Georgia - 148 (#2 in 2011) 9. Indiana University - 123 (#17 in 2011) 10. Texas State - 131 11. Kent State University - 128 (#15 in 2011) 12. Penn State - 121 (#13 in 2011) 13. University of North Texas - 112 14. Florida State University - 111 15.Tulane University - 109 (#4 in 2011)
16. Michigan State University - 108 (#9 in 2011) 17. University of Ohio - 103 18. Columbia University - 100 19. University of Alabama - 96 20. University of California Los Angeles - 91

“Arizona State is known for having open-minded and fun-loving students,” says Founder and CEO, Brandon Wade. “So the Sugar Baby Lifestyle is perfect for ASU co-eds. Having to choose between achieving their academic goals and taking full advantage of new college experiences goes against that spirit.” is the world’s largest Sugar Daddy website with over two million members worldwide. In 2011, 40% of the website’s total population was comprised of college students. But after a 58% increase in co-ed signups in 2012, that number rose to 44%. The website encourages the growth of the student population by offering college students a free premium membership upgrade if they register with their college email address (.edu).

“College should be an opportunity to expand the mind and experience new things,” says Wade. “Unfortunately, because of the of recent tuition hikes, the college experience has become greatly unbalanced.”


With more students debating the true value of a college degree versus the risk of debt, female students on have chosen to find benefactors who can help pay for the high cost of an education.