Police Dispatch


NOV. 26, 10:15 A.M.FOOTHILLS

A person with a deep voice called a local resort 14 times in one day to ask receptionists such things as, "Do you want to hear me jack off?" and, "If I take off my underwear, will you sit in my lap?" according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Although the resort usually ignores the occasional crank call, the security manager decided to call deputies because of the frequency of the calls.

When a deputy dialed the number the calls supposedly came from, he noticed the man who answered did not have the deep voice that the manager reported.

The man told the deputy that he had not made the calls, but would ask his teenage sons about it, although he said he doubted they were involved.

The man also is the co-owner of a chat-line business, and he recently had a falling out with his partner, the report said. The man told the deputy that the partner had managed to clone his phone number and had been harassing him.

The hotel resolved the issue by blocking the offending phone number.



Two supposed bales of marijuana left in the middle of the road turned out not to contain the type of bricks you would expect, according to a report from the PCSD.

Someone called 911 to report the bales, which were covered with burlap. The caller also claimed to have seen a group of people hiding in the desert nearby.

When a deputy arrived, he placed the bales in his vehicle, but found no one suspicious in the area. The contents were encased in plastic wrap beneath the burlap and each bale weighed almost 30 pounds.

A few days later, deputies opened the packages for processing and discovered they actually contained concrete bricks covered with green carpeting.

Deputies have no suspects. The faux-grass was thrown away.



A disgruntled juvenile threatened one of her peers and ran away during a school field trip, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

The girl told another person on the trip that she was going to "punch that bitch in the face," before saying she was headed home, a teacher's aide said.

Another teacher on the trip tried to keep the girl from leaving, but backed off when the girl became angry. The person in charge of the field trip said the girl was a "handful and a danger to herself and others."

Foster-care personnel later found the girl, and the Tucson Unified School District is handling the case, the police report said.