The Black Keys and RZA Duel Over Being "The Baddest Man Alive"

Straight from the soundtrack of the RZA-directed "Man With The Iron Fists", this is "The Baddest Man Alive," from The Black Keys, featuring RZA (of Wu-Tang Clan fame).

The video has the feel of a stereotypical, violent martial-arts flick, and features RZA and the men of the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, locked in a three-way battle inside an Asian restaurant, ultimately culminating in a Mexican standoff over a fortune cookie.

You'll laugh out loud at least once. Trust me.

And for the first collaboration between the Keys and RZA, check out a tune from Blakroc, a 2009 Black Keys-Damon Dash rap/garage blues album that's desperately in need of a sequel.