Media Watch


KGUN Channel 9 reporter Claire Doan is moving west. Doan, who spent two years at the local ABC affiliate, has landed a reporter position with KCRA TV in Sacramento, Calif.

That's a jump of roughly 40 spots in terms of market size. Tucson hovers around 60th place while Sacramento checks in at about No. 20.

During her tenure at KGUN, Doan received a pair of Rocky Mountain Emmys, one for a feature entitled "Honoring Forgotten Heroes" and the other for a report on Pima Community College's protocol related to mental health evaluations for mass shooter Jared Loughner.

Within the last few months, KGUN reporters have accepted opportunities in New York City, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sacramento.


Thankfully, the first Tuesday in November is almost upon us. That might give us a roughly three-month reprieve from the beginning of the next round of political sledgehammer advertising.

Media coverage, of course, will be plentiful. So if you're home, you'll have access to network election results with local television cut-ins, and heavier coverage during the live evening newscasts.

If you have access to smart phones and other devices, plenty of news-related websites, including, will be updating local, regional, state and national results as they become available.

But if you're on the road or prefer the traditional immediacy of radio, some local stations will be stepping up their election coverage throughout the evening.

Among the privately operated radio outlets, KVOI 1030 AM and KQTH 104.1 FM are poised to provide the most in-depth options. At KVOI, veteran radio host John C. Scott will join morning host Joe Higgins in studio as the station goes live and local from 7 to 10 p.m. Morning co-host Chris DeSimone will provide reports and interviews from Republican headquarters while Scott producer Mark Ulm does the same at Democratic headquarters.

By virtue of moving James T. Harris to his 3-6 afternoon slot, KQTH will be able to dedicate up to eight consecutive hours to local election input. In addition to the election focus on Harris' afternoon bloc, the station will broadcast from the Sheraton hotel at Grant and Rosemont, in conjunction with the Pima County Republican Party, the Tucson Tea Party, listeners and candidates.

KQTH morning host Jon Justice begins live coverage at 6 p.m. Harris will be on hand as well. They'll break down the races and get local election updates from sister station KGUN Channel 9.

Conservative talker KNST 790 AM/97.1 FM is setting up shop at Mr. An's on Oracle Road. Morning host Garret Lewis will broadcast live from 4 to 5 p.m., before the station opts for national coverage from Fox News, with four local cut-ins per hour from news reporter Paul Birmingham. KNST also plans to break to local results as they become available.

Given the conservative nature of the stations dedicating time to election-night coverage, the information provided will have a distinct tilt to the right. Had KWFM 1330 AM (formerly KJLL) decided not to jettison its staff and eventually its format in favor of infinite replays of Michael Jackson tunes, it would have provided a semblance of balance for an area that trends roughly 3-2 Democrat.