New Red Fang Video - Six Days 'Til Tucson Show

Red Fang, the Portland, Ore. hard-rock band known for among other things fantastic music videos, is at it again.

The band just released a new video - this time more of a tour diary than a narrative of destruction. But the video for "Dirt Wizard" again plays up the band's personalities as the every-men of rock. Filmmaker Whitey McConnaughy - who's produced three other clips for the band - stitches together clips from the band's summer European headlining tour. It's got face-melting rock, fan adoration, off-stage jackassery, exhaustion and tedium, showing all sides of a hectic tour that saw the band play 33 shows in 35 days.

Red Fang headlines a Halloween show at Plush next Wednesday. Check out the Weekly's music section for an interview with singer-guitarist Bryan Giles, who grew up in Tucson.

And if for some reason you haven't seen the other brilliant videos from McConnaughy and Red Fang, which have collectively pulled in millions of views, click below: