Writer's Block: Barry Graham

  • Daishin Stephenson (photo)

Arizona author Barry Graham has teamed with artist Vince Larue to produce Dark Heat, a graphic novel. ($148 pages, $16, pub date Sept. 26, 2012, www.barrygrahamauthor.com)

Summary from publisher:

From the macabre minds of writer Barry Graham and artist Vince Larue, Dark Heat is a contemporary hybrid of crime thriller and ghost story, set against the bleak desert cityscape of Phoenix, Arizona.

Gary Scott is a newspaper reporter who thinks he's seen everything. But when he investigates a series of grisly and bizarre killings - starting with a dog, then people, moving closer and closer to Gary - he realizes that this is like nothing he has ever encountered. Even the cops are terrified, and so Gary must work alone to find the truth, as everything he believes in proves to be false, and his reality comes apart.

Dark Heat is a tale of horror both physical and psychological, a slide into panic in which nothing is ever as it seems, and what is real is always worse than what is imagined.

Author bio:

Barry Graham is an author, journalist, screenwriter, poet and blogger whose dark and gritty urban novels have received international acclaim and whose reporting has helped more than one corrupt politician leave office. His nonfiction has been published in a diversity of magazines and newspapers, including Harper's, Flaunt, Parabola, Las Vegas Life, The Arizona Republic and Scotland on Sunday. His blog, "Illusory Flowers in an Empty Sky", contains reporting and commentary on politics, critical theory, the death penalty, urbanism, sustainability, books, boxing, films and Zen practice.