Milo Greene: Milo Greene (Chop Shop/Atlantic)

Crisp male and female vocal harmonies dominate this young Los Angeles quintet's familiar SoCal coastal folk-rock sound. The songwriting and arrangements on this debut album are somewhat derivative, but that's mitigated in large part because those influences are so ably integrated into the well-crafted songs. The gorgeous voices and the balance of pop, folk and rock sensibilities will cause some listeners to flash back to Fleetwood Mac.

The album opens with two tracks, "What's the Matter" and "Don't You Give Up on Me" (with "Orpheus" sandwiched between them), that together establish a very Mac-esque tone—luxurious singing, careful guitar pizzicatos, moderately anxious rhythms, sharply defined melodies—or at least one that brings to mind the similar vibe of the Rescues.

"Perfectly Aligned" is a little more dreamy and, quite frankly, a bit like the music of Beach House, the perfect soundtrack for relaxing in a bayside room, breeze billowing in the curtains. Fleet Foxes fans will find lots to appreciate about "Cutty Love" and "Autumn Tree."

Occasionally, Milo Greene sounds unique, especially during the melancholic ache of "1957" or on "Silent Way," on which a gently plucked banjo and a subtle string arrangement cradle the crystalline harmonies. This is a perfectly good album, but I'm also interested in seeing how Milo Greene develops.