Editor's Note

Our New Music Blog

The first post we ever did on our blog (which later became The Range, our daily dispatch) was written by yours truly, on May 25, 2006. The title was "About Our Blog," and in the post, I babbled about how excited we were about this awesome new online thing we were doing.

Well, two weeks passed before anyone posted anything else. After that embarrassing lag, the blog got attention on a fairly consistent basis, although things didn't really take off, for whatever reason, until a couple of years passed.

Whereas some publications have launched numerous blogs, we just had the one. We modeled it after Slog, the amazing blog of The Stranger in Seattle, in an effort to create one, easy-to-visit location containing all sorts of good stuff.

By any measure, we succeeded. Today, almost 6 1/2 years old, The Range and its content have won numerous awards—including several national honors—and it is the driving force of TucsonWeekly.com. So, we've finally decided that it's time for the Tucson Weekly to branch out, blog-wise, from The Range.

This week, just in time for Fall Club Crawl®, we're launching We Got Cactus, the Tucson Weekly's music blog.

While We Got Cactus will inevitably enjoy a smoother debut than our initial blog had back in 2006, we're not expecting a problem-free launch. Some days will inevitably feature light posting, since things are so new. Of course, as we go through the process of building up the blog, some things will work, and some things won't. There are lots of unknowns, but here's what we do know: The amazing music coverage featured within the pages of this newspaper will carry over, in a bigger and more-interactive way, to We Got Cactus. It may take some time for us to get the figurative ball fully rolling, but we will—and it won't take a couple of years like it did with The Range.

I urge you to head to TucsonWeekly.com and check out the new music blog. And if you have any ideas for We Got Cactus, please, drop me a line.