Howard Salmon: 'My Doctors Say I'll be a Goner by Year's End'

Former Phantom Limbs drummer and Tucson artist Howie Salmon popped up on Facebook after dropping out of the social-media time-suck for a while—something most of us can fully relate to and understand.

Salmon's recent post, for those who love art, music and Tucson, came as a sad shock—but comments back were all about love and good wishes despite the fact he shared a pretty grim prognosis:

Please drop me a line while I'm still alive. I've got an aggressive brain tumor, and my doctors say I'll be a goner by year's end (that is, in 3 months). I plan on spending my remaining days drawing, painting, and blogging. If I know you, thank you for your friendship. If you want to write me, please do so sooner rather than later, because I'm getting a little foggier everyday...

Salmon said he's not taking visitors yet, but it seems that if you still have that old Tucson spirit in your heart and a fondness for Salmon, a plan needs to be made to visit, to help and share stories.

The best way to catch-up on what Salmon has been dealing with—cancer and an aggressive brain tumor—is to go to his blog at He continues to share his work and share updates. Get there, comment and send some love right back.

Like many of us in the Moldy Pueblo, I navigate many different worlds in our city with a small-town vibe. Most of what I find interesting is when worlds collide. This happened a lot when I returned to my hometown more than five years ago after being away for too, too many years.