Fun Fact, Dallas Fans: Is A Gay Dating Site

No, really — I'm not just making that up as a Cardinals fan, bitter at years of Dallas fans stealing my home team's glory. Check it out.

Redundancy alert: The site title reads The #1 Dating Portal For Gay Dating.
  • Redundancy alert: The site title reads "The #1 Dating Portal For Gay Dating."

According to Yahoo! Sports, this is all the result of the Cowboys front office goofing up the acquisition of the domain name — apparently, they didn't think that letting their fans jump straight to their site by way of "" was worth the (admittedly exorbitant) $275,000 price-tag that they were being charged.

So, someone else swept in, seeing the potential dollar signs, and dropped down a site for men who prefer saddling up with other fellas — with a willingness to serve the needs of straight daters as well. An admirable job done by the folks behind

My favorite part of this news coming out? The Cowboys are playing the Bears tonight.