Best Breakfast Burrito

El Potosino

A breakfast burrito is easy to screw up. Some places don’t scramble the eggs before pouring them on the grill, a fatal flaw that creates beads of yolk and white instead of supple scrambled nuggets. Other places don’t cook the potatoes all the way through, or, in more-tragic cases, they toss in chopped French fries as if any spud will do. A proper breakfast burrito, however, is a beautiful thing to behold, and El Potosino does it right. The tortilla is freckled with brown spots thanks to a light grilling, and it is stuffed to near-bursting with perfectly cooked eggs, potatoes and your choice of a breakfast meat. Add a drizzle of the smoky salsa that comes with each order, and you’ve got a morning meal to be reckoned with.