Best Mexican Fast-Food/Drive-Thru

Nico's Mexican Food

The beauty of drive-thru Mexican food is that it's supposed to be greasy, salty and just tasty enough to make it into your stomach without causing a ruckus. It's supposed to be served in crazy-big portions at all hours of the day and night, and shoveled into your maw with a plastic fork or spoon. Nico's knows all that, which is why it's long been Tucson's favorite place to fill up on burritos, tacos and other dishes designed for the diner on the go. Whether you need a breakfast burrito in the morning or some carne asada on the way home from a happy-hour-turned-all-nighter, Nico's will get you fed and on your way in no time—and it won't cost you a fortune, either.

Runners up:

2. Los Betos Mexican Food

Various locations

3. The Taco Shop Co.

Various locations

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