Pima Community College Has Assembled A Committee To Find Its New Chancellor

Pima Community College has been without a chancellor since June 30, when Roy Flores stepped down from his position as a result of health concerns. Interm Chancellor Suzanne Miles has taken over in his absence, though she withdrew herself from permanent consideration; that happened not long after a Board of Governors meeting in which it was decided that PCC would opt for a national search over simply appointing Miles to fill the position permanently.

Today, PCC released a list of the 31 members of the Search Advisory Committee, who will be searching for the college's next chancellor.

From the PCC press release:

“We have broad representation across the community, we have included representatives of both the public sector and the private sector, and we have included our critics as well,” Board Chairman Scott Stewart said.

Mr. Stewart noted that a majority of the committee comes from outside PCC. “The people of Pima County help fund the College with their tax dollars,” he said. “It is crucial that their voices be heard loudly and clearly as we select an individual who’ll set the College’s direction for years to come.”

To see the press release for yourself, head over to pima.edu.

The list of the committee members can be found below the jump.