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Future Shock

We live in the future.

I can confidently say this, because a friend in Spain has, practically instantly, sent me audio files from a band that I would have never otherwise heard, from a machine that connects to a worldwide network wirelessly.

I can also say this because I carry a 2 1/2-by-5-inch rectangle of plastic in my pocket that plays music; shows me live video; reminds me of my appointments ("8:30 a.m.: Go to work, dummy"); and also, almost as an afterthought, handles phone calls.

Hell, I'm writing this on a device that can practically pull anything from thin air, whether it be news, pornography or images of adorable animals—or even all three at the same time, were I inclined (which, to be clear, I am not).

So it astounds me that we, as a society, have people screaming to return to policies that were rightfully ridiculed before I was even born—that there are people who want to take a person's right to their body and turn that right over to folks whose moral cues were written thousands of years ago. (For example, a county in Tennessee stripped funding from Planned Parenthood and awarded it to a conservative religious clinic. In the following year, women's health services in that county dropped by 93 percent, with nearly half of the funding going unspent.)

I can't, by myself, change what people believe about economics, politics or cat videos—but at least we live in a time when I can find ideas from all over the globe and get a conversation started, so we can all understand each other better.

My name's David. I'm the new guy around here. Nice to meet you.

The week on The Range

We compared a sitcom matriarch to a presidential candidate; discussed Chuck Norris' dire warnings about the future of America; showed you Barack Obama's confident side; shared the White House's beer recipes; imagined how a Green Beret turned Senate candidate tidies his backyard; explained the demands of the hackers who claim to have Mitt Romney's tax returns; shared the fact-check findings of former President Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention; watched Ann Kirkpatrick's new TV ad; showed how vehement NFL punters can be about their political beliefs; marveled at Gabrielle Giffords for neither the first nor last time; and, as always, featured Jim Nintzel's Political Roundtable.

We published a few more entries in Adam Borowitz's Food Truck Diaries, featuring Serial Grillers and Red Wagon Steak and Sub; let Tucsonans know that Vero Amore is open at its new location; shared a fall food-festival preview with events that are likely to expand both palates and waistlines; mentioned a giveaway at Tucson's favorite fried-food emporiums; let the city know about another food truck that's prepping to roam the streets of the Old Pueblo; learned that the shop taking over Knucklehead Alley's old space is to be called "JunXion Bar"; and talked about great things happening at Food Conspiracy Co-Op.

We also celebrated softball legend Jennie Finch's birthday; learned the origins of downtown's community chalkboard; read an excerpt from the new David Foster Wallace biography; hyped up, and then revealed the winners of the TAMMIES; talked a bit about gardening in the desert; listened to new Calexico and remixed Beastie Boys; talked a bit of Star Trek; shared our "Love Letters to Tucson"; drank beer for a good cause; and let the new Web guy introduce himself to everyone.

Comment of the week

"Frankly, I could give a rat's ass. I'm more worried about staying out of World War III, the quickly evaporating middle class and (the) dismal education system, not to mention the prospect of women's rights being set back another 60 years."

TucsonWeekly.com user "Pammy Culhane" explains just how little she cares about a presidential candidate's potential tax returns ("Hackers Claim to Have Mitt Romney's Tax Records—and Will Sell Them for $1,000,000"), The Range, Sept. 5.

Best of WWW

I'm not going to lie, folks: I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the methods and madness of my predecessor—and I am doing so during a big part of the year, considering that Club Crawl®, the Best of Tucson® and the forthcoming launch of our music blog are fast approaching. If you have any suggestions, complaints or tips on anything you'd like to see from the folks at the Weekly Wide Web, feel welcome to send an email or drop us a message in the comments.