Editor's Note

About Last Week

It's time to offer some answers to your questions and comments, some of which I didn't even need to make up:

• Another cover typo last week? WTF? Yeah, yeah, we messed up again, and I am mortified by that. I sincerely apologize. Really.

• These damn cover typos are evidence that the goddamn media is going to hell in a handbasket. No, really, they're not. They're symptoms of the fact that we messed up two things on the cover over the last three months, and nothing more. Yeah, some segments of the media are indeed going to hell, but not our segment. I messed up, and that's all. Pure and simple.

• What in the hell is a "handbasket"? I am guessing it's a basket that goes in one's hand, with a handle or something. But I would think that'd just be a "basket," seeing as the word "handbasket" is only ever used in that phrase. Beats me.

• How dare you imply that the folks at Diamond Mountain are Buddhists. They're not Buddhists. You should apologize for calling them that. Well, I have two responses: One, it's not the job of the Tucson Weekly to determine whether or not any particular religious person, group or sect is "legitimate." Our job is to report the facts, and it's a fact Geshe Michael Roach and his numerous followers consider themselves Buddhists. So do many outsiders.

Second: Did you read the story? It clearly lays out all the reasons why some Buddhists don't think of Roach and his followers as true Buddhists, and notes that prominent Buddhists have renounced Roach. What was reported was 100 percent accurate and true.

So, other than the typo, we do not apologize for anything.