More on the Overhaul of NoRTH Modern Italian Cuisine

I received an enormous press release today about the renovations going down at NoRTH Modern Italian Cuisine, which we mentioned yesterday. The gist of it is that NoRTH is getting a more casual feel - apparently the theme is "Tuscan farmhouse," which I can't quite wrap my head around - and a new menu.

And although it will still be called North, it looks like they might stop doing that weird thing where they leave the "o" in lowercase while capitalizing the rest of the name. Hallelujah!

I will post this behemoth of a press release here and you can peruse it at will. I started yawning after the third paragraph, but I'm sure fans of the restaurant will want to know all about it.

Tucson, Ariz. - August 30, 2012 - On September 4, NoRTH Modern Italian will temporarily close and emerge a few weeks later on September 19 as North Fattoria Italiana, complete with a new design, experience and menu — a modern take on a warm, friendly Tuscan farmhouse.

Fattoria means farm in Italian - a locale where food is handcrafted. “Made from scratch” is a main ingredient at North Fattoria Italiana, a theme abundantly found on the menu in savory pastas and pizzas — two cornerstones of the approachable menu.