Editor's Note

Primary Plans

Next Tuesday, Aug. 28, is primary Election Day here in the Old Pueblo. Voters will be deciding which candidates will advance to the general election in a plethora of county, state and federal races. In some cases—for example, the Pima County Board of Supervisors' District 4 race, pitting challenger Sean Collins against incumbent Ray Carroll—the primary will decide the overall winner, because members of only one party are running.

If you haven't voted already, we have a couple of stories in this week's issue to get you ready. First and foremost, Jim Nintzel breaks down four big bits of bullshit that have been flying in this year's county races.

Second, to refresh your memory of our previous political coverage, Nintzel does a quick recap of the most-competitive local primaries; check it out online.

On the night of the election itself, check out The Range, our daily dispatch, at daily.tucsonweekly.com. We'll be bringing readers up-to-the-minute results, reactions and analysis. Jim Nintzel will be covering the Republican Party gatherings, while Mari Herreras will be handling the Dems. The cranky editor—that's yours truly—will be posting results, links to other news stories and all sorts of other good stuff from Weekly World Central.

Of course, this is all just the beginning of our 2012 election coverage. Between the primary and the general, we'll have all the latest local political news—weekly in print, and daily online. We'll also be doing some general-election endorsements, and covering the various ballot propositions.

If you aren't picking up the Weekly each week AND regularly visiting The Range, you'll be missing out.