Noshing Around

Coming Soon: Lulu's Shake Shoppe

The owner of Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery (266 E. Congress St.) and the nearby bar and lounge Playground (278 E. Congress St.) is adding a shake shop to his holdings. Kade Mislinski says Lulu's Shake Shoppe will operate out of a space at the rear of the building that houses Hub and Playground, and it will open Oct. 13. The numerous ice creams made at Hub will be used to craft the shakes and malts. Other items will include tater tots, french fries, hot dogs and candy. It's expected to be open from early evening until after midnight.

New Owner for the Daggwood Café

The Daggwood Café, at 736 E. Fort Lowell Road, has a new owner. Coral Hendon bought the restaurant about five months ago and gave it a new look and menu. The sandwiches, Hendon says, still spill over with meat, cheese and veggies, but she's improved the quality of the ingredients. "Our emphasis is great-tasting, high-quality sandwiches rather than mere sandwich bulk," Hendon wrote in an email. There are breakfast sandwiches and a decent number of salads to choose from, too. There's more on their website.

Sour Beer

Ever heard of so-called "sour" beer? The specialty beers boast a unique flavor that has wowed beer-lovers around the globe. The beer experts at Plaza Liquors, 2642 N. Campbell Ave., tell us the slightly sour flavor—which is really more of a gentle background tartness—is created by using a wild strain of yeast that can ruin a batch of beer if not used cautiously. The store stocks a half-dozen different sour beers with various flavors and nuances.

Hell Fire Pizza Co.

A mobile pizza kitchen named Hell Fire Pizza Co. has been showing up at local food-truck events. Owner Jason Murdock sells sandwiches and pizzas out of what he describes as his "punk-rock pizza truck," although most of the musical references on the menu seem to be nods toward heavy metal. A tuna sandwich, for instance, is called the Holy Diver, which some of us will recognize as an album by '80s metal-band Dio. I can't wait to try the Forsaken, a pizza made with apples, walnuts, bacon, mozzarella and bleu cheese. Check it out at