Police Dispatch



JUNE 6, 7:48 P.M.

A man who objected to a group of horse-riders threatened to sic his dogs on them, and then sprayed them with a water hose, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies received a call from family members who had been riding horses in their rural neighborhood. As the riders passed a house, dogs there started "going crazy," the report said, and the dogs' owner told the riders that "if they didn't get off his property, he was going to get his dogs to move them off."

Although the riders were traveling in an easement, the man claimed they were too close to his property. A passionate argument then broke out, and the man sprayed them with water, according to the report.

Deputies spoke with a woman who said the man had used racial slurs; she also said he called them "motherfuckers" and the woman "a fucking bitch." She said much of the hose-spraying was directed at her grandmother, who had just been released from a hospital.

The man told deputies he had been watering his plants when he saw the riders "antagonizing" his dogs. He denied spraying them, and told deputies that water may have dripped from trees he had sprayed.

According to the man, a male rider became irate when asked to leave the area and threatened to "kick his ass." In a previous incident, the man said, the same rider (apparently a close neighbor) had made chicken noises at him.

Deputies told both the man and the riders to call law enforcement if similar incidents occurred.



JUNE 6, 7:16 P.M.

A man who had been threatening his ex-girlfriend via text messages sent one that said he would allow her to have sex with him if she gave him a popular video-game machine, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies spoke to a woman who said she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. Since then, she said, he had been harassing her, mostly through text messages such as, "Imma fucking break all your windows you fucking bitch and send my sister to beat your ass. I'm tired of being nice."

After many texts, the man changed his tone, texting her several times that he'd allow her to have sex with him if she'd give him an Xbox. (He apparently had left one at her house.) "Let's mess around, I'm even with it, you down," one text said.

Deputies arrested the man because of the threats of physical violence.