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Worthy of Support

Some random thoughts and FYIs this week ...

• We're in the home stretch for voting in both our Best of Tucson® and Tucson Area Music Awards (TAMMIES) readers' choice polls. Voting ends on Wednesday, May 30—that's less than three weeks away.

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• Mark your calendars for some upcoming special issues. Don't miss our annual Summer Survival Guide—featuring our Summer Movie Preview, our Summer Arts Preview, and tons more—on May 24. (That's in two weeks! Hot enough for ya yet?)

• On June 14, we'll publish the second of our three 2012 Pride supplements, focusing on the Tucson LGBT community. If you have any listings requests for the special Pride calendar—featuring events through early October—get them to us at listings@tucsonweekly.com NO LATER THAN Friday, June 1.

• I played hooky from the office last week and flew down to Puerto Vallarta with the hubby for eight days of (mostly) vacation. Other than suffering from the worst sunburn I have had in my life (and I was not even in direct sunlight when I burned to a crisp—yes, I am that much of a gringo), it was a fantastic time.

A lot of Americans these days are reflexively afraid of the entirety of Mexico: They've heard bad things are happening there, and therefore want nothing to do with the entire country.

While it's true bad things are indeed happening in parts of Mexico thanks to the narco war (which you can read more about in Randy Serraglio's column this week), other parts are perfectly fine. Not once did I feel unsafe in Puerto Vallarta.

Support our worthy friends to the south. They need it.