World of Puns Explodes Over Hot Dog Hooker Case


So many choices...relish, buns, wieners. It's almost too much.

Catherine Scalia, 45, was arrested Thursday night when she offered the off-menu special to an undercover cop and took him back to her East Rockaway pad for some home cooking.


An undercover cop approached the stand Thursday and bought two hot dogs and water for $5 before the “specials” were announced.

Scalia took the cop back to her place and performed a striptease for $100 before unveiling the main course, police said.

“She agreed to manually stimulate him for an additional $50,” said Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith.

She was slapped with cuffs instead.


“What do you want? It was a bad hot-dog day. I sold maybe $5 worth of hot dogs that day,” she told The Post after that arrest.