Police Dispatch



MARCH 14, 8:24 P.M.

A man accused of blowing a foghorn and screaming in his backyard managed to avoid arrest—even after slamming a gate in a deputy's face and refusing to give his name, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

Three deputies were dispatched to a northside home, where a resident told them about her neighbor's alleged behavior.

The woman said she was afraid to confront her neighbor because he was "crazy." She said he previously had "jumped out" and scared members of the neighborhood homeowners' association after a meeting.

When a deputy went to the subject's gate to talk to him, he yelled at the deputy to get his flashlight out of the subject's face, and refused to talk or show his hands. He then slammed the gate in the deputy's face.

More deputies entered the subject's backyard and identified themselves as law enforcement. According to the report, the subject "came at" them and screamed that they had no right to be on his property; the report also said the man demanded that the deputies stop and give him their badge numbers. One deputy grabbed the man and informed him that his neighbor had accused him of disturbing the peace and throwing dog feces in her yard.

The man, who refused to give deputies his name, countered that it was the neighbor who had been doing the harassing; he also claimed he was suing her.

During the exchange, a woman on the man's porch filmed the incident with her cell phone, the report said.

The deputies released the man and told the neighbor that they needed proof of his alleged behavior—such as video of him disturbing the peace—before he could be arrested.



MARCH 26, 6:52 A.M.

A person who may have been using graffiti to locate an acquaintance wrote the message in big, bold letters, according to a UA Police Department report.

Officers found graffiti spelling out "Dan?" in bright-green paint on a metal door at UA Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd. The vandalism covered an area 6-foot square.

Officers made a connection between the incident and a prior graffiti case, which involved the same color and type of paint. (However, the report didn't mention what the other graffiti said.)

Photos of the vandalism were taken. No suspect information was available.