MMJ Collective Shaping Up Nicely

A couple months ago, I wrote about the then-new Green Halo Caregiver Collective, which is on the west frontage road along I-10 just south of Prince Road. At the time, the place had just opened, and it was lacking a bit in decor and goods.

I am happy to report that the place is going strong, very strong in fact. A couple return trips since my first visit reveal a very tight ship, indeed. The GHCC has a buzzer entry door that takes you into a reception area with MMJ literature and videos and comfy seating. The secure room for MMJ exchanges is behind a bank-like window that keeps the goods and staff safely behind another buzzer-triggered door. That's where the major improvements are.

The GHCC has a wide selection of MMJ strains on display in labeled sample jars. They have a magnifier connected to a laptop on the counter, if you want a closer look at the buds. I've been back a few times since my first visit, and each time they had 10+ strains, ranging from pure indica to sativa and many hybrids between the two. Perhaps the biggest improvement is edibles. When they opened, they had none. Now they have brownies (often more than one kind), chewy candies, tarts, hard candies and Tootsie rolls. They also now have seeds, kief, tintures and wax. The staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

One caveat - it's a little hard to get to right now, because Prince Road is closed. From eastbound I-10, take the Prince Road exit and look for the collective on the west side of I-10 just south of Prince. From westbound I-10, take the Ruthrauff Road exit, then cross under the interstate and head south on the west frontage road.

Ken Sobel, a UA grad and attorney who opened the collective, plans to convert the GHCC into a dispensary later this year, so I am hoping it will be around for a while.

Green Halo Caregiver Collective
3359 N. Freeway Road
(520) 561-6467