Editor's Note

Go Downtown, Dammit

To those of you who are avoiding downtown and/or Fourth Avenue because of the modern-streetcar construction, I say to you: Stop it. It's no big deal. Really.

In other words: Don't be an idiot. Get your ass downtown and to the Avenue, and support local businesses.

Last Friday, we went downtown to meet a friend for dinner at the Cup Café, and afterward, we headed to Scott and Co. for some tasty beverages. How much time and effort did the construction on Congress Street cost us? An extra 30 seconds or so. Tops.

I know downtown and Fourth Avenue fairly well, and the absolute maximum inconvenience I can ever see the construction causing anyone seeking to travel to the area and park is maybe five minutes. Maybe. There's still plenty of parking. There are tons of alternate routes.

And are you telling me you're such a slug that five minutes, tops, is too much of an inconvenience for you to support great local businesses and events?

I didn't think so.

Quit your whining. Be a good citizen. Go downtown. Head for Fourth Avenue. Support local business. Thank you.

• Speaking of downtown and Fourth Avenue: It's time for our annual Spring Club Crawl®! In this issue, and online at ClubCrawl.net, you'll find a guide telling you everything you could possibly want to know about the event: band descriptions, a list of participating restaurants, and advice on where to park and so on.

On Saturday, we'll be sending event updates via text message (sign up at ClubCrawl.net) and Twitter.

See you there!