More From the Daniel Patterson TPD Report

A few weeks ago, we obtained the Tucson Police Department investigation file for Feb. 24 — the day that Daniel Patterson and Georgette Escobar were witnessed having a "domestic dispute" at Escobar's home.

With all that's going on today regarding Patterson's hearing with the Ethics committee (Rep. McCune Davis quoted from the report), now seems like a good time to get out the information of what reportedly happened that day.

The report begins with a he-said-she-said: Patterson claimed that Escobar hit him over the head and neck "approximately twenty times," (during his 911 call to the police, he claimed she hit him around 50 times,) though he reported "no injury." Escobar told the reporting officer that she was trying to leave the house when Patterson stopped her and "physically removed her from her vehicle" a claim substantiated by employees of the Parks department who witnessed the incident. Escobar also told police that Patterson had taken her service dog, Jake.

Patterson retreated to his property with Jake in tow, choosing to speak to police over a seven-foot block wall. It was reported that police were only able to see the top of Patterson's face, and "unable to see if there were any visible injuries."

Later that evening, police went back to Escobar's home to serve an Order of Protection to Patterson; he wasn't there. At that point, Escobar told police that she had a bruises on her right leg and left arm, as a result of being pulled from the her car, she indicated in a March 1 interview with TPD.

Police interviews of the Parks employees revealed that on Feb. 24, Patterson had opened up the back door to Escobar's SUV to pull Escobar's dog out. Then, confirmed by both the Parks employees as well as Escobar, Escobar approached Patterson to stop him — and was backhanded "hard enough to knock [her] to the ground.