Three Sonorans Post Pulled After Patterson Threatens Lawsuit

Although it's no longer Daniel Patterson Monday at Weekly World Central, we bring you another, albeit small part, in the ongoing Patterson saga — this one involving a local blogger, a Gannett blog once though impervious to litigation threats and yes, Daniel Patterson.

Three Sonoran's David Abie Morales shared with the Range that he was instructed on March 29 by Tucson Citizen editor Mark Evans to take down a post that referenced Patterson, as well as Tucson Unified School District board member Michael Hicks.

By e-mail Evans contacted Morales and asked that he delete a sentence from a March 26 post titled, "Is the world conspiring against Rep. Patterson."

Rep. Patterson has again involved Gannett corporate in his complaints about you.

I need you to delete this sentence:
“Then again, I don’t know what it is like to have rich parents or a father who was a mayor to shower privilege upon me by hiring lawyers to always get charges dropped.” that is in this post:

And then I need you to delete this entire post:

I need you to do this today as soon as possible and let me know when you have.

Mark B. Evans
520-573-4614 office
520-603-2796 cell

Evidently, Patterson has successfully gone this route in the past by going directly to Gannett's corporate office. He e-mailed corporate on March 28:

Ms. Wilson — More lies again on the 'Three Sonorans' blog. Please call me to discuss, 520.906.2159 . Mr. Evans has so far not been responsive. Thanks.

On March 28, Patterson e-mailed Evans:

My father has never been a Mayor. I pay all my own legal bills. I have worked and supported myself my entire adult life. Charges only get dropped when they are weak or wrong, not because of lawyers I have to pay for due to the false allegations of others, including Morales. Thanks, Rep. Patterson