Casey Dewey's First Two Days at SXSW

Local DJ and Tucson Weekly contributor Casey Dewey is hitting Austin this week for SXSW. He is providing daily dispatches of the experience for your information/angry jealous rage:

Day 1:

Starting your first SXSW adventure by sharing an elevator with the legendary singer-songwriter/Love Boat regular Paul Williams is not a bad sign. After the smooth and easy badge pick-up and the Williams encounter (he’s a sweet and funny guy) I was on my way to the roaring streets. This being my first time at SXSW, I don’t think I had even a close idea of what to expect. Throngs of hungry and eager music fans and musicians alike roving downtown Austin in search of great tunes, cheap beer and awesome times. My first stop was a Thrasher Magazine party at the seedy and gritty Scoot Inn. I felt at home and wanted to start off the festival by paying respect to my roots; some skate-punk and and a few cans of Lone Star would treat me right. Caught a band from Venice, Ca called The Shrine. These guys definitely grew up on a healthy combo of DRI, The Circle Jerks and a litte Dio thrown in for good measure. Perfect soundtrack for the kids shredding on the half-pipe next to the stage. After buying some choice Thrasher sunglasses I took off and wandered around downtown a bit, keeping my ears open and soaking in the electricity in the air - the first tip I received about SXSW was to pace your self, young man. Looking forward to some amazing shows tonight, from the triumphant stoner rock of Black Tusk to the Tangerine Dream-like soundscapes of Brooklyn duo Blondes, I’m in for a whirlwind. Over and out!

His recap of today's events so far is below the cut: